Welcome to Accelerating Transitions

ARTS (Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability) is committed to understanding the role and impact of transition initiatives in cities and examining the conditions that can aid accelerating change towards a sustainable low-carbon society.

New initiatives, ideas and products change the way we relate to each other and to our environment, as well as the way we define and fulfill our needs. Transition initiatives are the pulse of transformative change, by demonstrating and innovating how citizens and communities can live sustainably. With this realization come a number of critical questions concerning their impact in changing conventional course of action and in balancing imperative for change with remaining inclusive to citizens in their context.

The ARTS Project in short

ARTS (Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability) is a three year long research project, funded by the European Commission through the FP7 programme, to understand how transition initiatives can accelerate sustainability transitions in the five European city-regions of Brighton, Budapest, Dresden, Genk, and Stockholm. The objective of ARTS is to benefit policy, practice and theory and create opportunities for (social and governance) innovation by coupling, rescaling and accelerating sustainability initiatives in European city-regions. The ARTS consortium consists of 10 partners from 10 European countries. Please click here to read more about the project.

ARTS’ Research Mission

  • further advance transition theory and transformation research: by drawing upon grassroots research, as well as innovation, governance and urban studies.
  • map transition dynamics in five European regions: by looking into the past and present of transition initiatives in their regional context and engaging with the people who drive them.
  • develop a conceptual toolbox for accelerating transitions: by developing new conceptual models, instruments and strategies for scaling and accelerating transition initiatives, across multiple domains.
  • engage with regions to make the acceleration happen: by using five EU regions as dynamic learning labs, we will be experimenting with new governance instruments in co-creative settings.
  • promote co-creation and social learning: by turning dissemination into co-creation, by working with citizen bloggers and art communities in the transition regions.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 603654.

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