11 Nov 2015

ARTS Dialogue in Stockholm

11 November – Art dialogue: Regarding the role of art in transition to sustainability 17.00 Färgfabriken Stockholm

The role of culture and competence of artists are often overlooked and untapped elements in the process of creating synergies for transition to sustainability. In the ARTS project five artists will take part in a dialogue process in which researchers, practitioners and artists explore in what ways art can be a more integrated part of sustainability research and practice.

The event will start with a short presentation of the ARTS project followed by the artists presenting their ideas of a project linked to or inspired by ARTS and their reflections on the art dialogue. We will conclude with an open discussion on how to create better conditions for meetings between research, practice and art.

The participating artists are Malin Lobell, Katarina Klingspor-Ekelund, Linnea Våglund, Maja Svensdotter and Victoria Brännström.


Full details in Swedish: 151019 Inbjudan samtal om konsten i hållbar utveckling 11 november