13 Oct 2016

Conference: Sustainability Transitions towards Low-Carbon Societies


In order to tackle with climate change and to promote sustainable solutions that will allow societies to avoid further environmental degradation and to improve wellbeing and quality of life, a transition is needed from the current carbon-based economy towards a sustainable, inclusive, resource-efficient society. Such a transition involves multiple actors, solutions and involves interventions across multiple scales. Sustainable solutions that have the potential to transform existing societies are created and scaled by local community-based initiatives and question existing governance arrangements at different levels.

In this conference we will discuss:
• What are impacts of local community-based initiatives in sustainability transitions to low carbon societies e.g. in terms of climate change mitigation?
• What methods and tools can assess the impact of local action to sustainability transitions in a quantitative way?
• How can combining insights from scenario studies and socio-technical analyses advance the understanding of sustainability transitions to low carbon societies?
• What are implications for governance of low-carbon sustainability transitions from local community-based initiatives? What are the implications for governance forms?

The conference, organized by the EU research projects ARTS, PATHWAYS and TESS, and will bring together scientists, stakeholders, and policy-makers to stimulate exchange of knowledge by interactive discussions and debates on social innovation, transition initiatives, and scenario analyses for sustainability transitions to low-carbon societies.

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