20 May 2016

Green Week 2016: ‘Social Innovation for Accelerating Transition to Sustainable Cities’

Green Week

Monday 30 of May –10.00-13.00

Venue: Committee of the Regions

Van Maerlant Street n°2, 1040 Brussels (EC building VM2 -room VMA 1 – 2nd floor)

Social innovation comes in many forms such as nature-based solutions and people-based solutions that hand in hand transform our cities. Transition initiatives as makers of social innovation foster new relationships, new institutions and, contribute to new urban realities: sharing economy, green economy, and sustainable lifestyles. In our seminar we will interactively debate key messages for policy, practice and education that invigorate the way urban social innovation plays out in accelerating low-carbon transitions via altering city-making, and creating green jobs. Research efforts discovered that the proliferation of urban social innovation initiatives in cities raises new questions for city-making, the role of university and existing welfare state models.

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