ARTS is an inter- and trans-disciplinary research project.

We are excited to be working with five EU regions that are at the forefront of local sustainability. These are the places where you feel that change is in the air: Stockholm (Sweden), Brighton (UK), Genk (Belgium), Budapest (Hungary) and Dresden (Germany).

In these regions, a plethora of transition initiatives already challenges and inspires local planning and policy as well as start getting the attention from citizens / public, stealing hearts and minds. In these regions, local government has set the ground for questions on sustainability, what it means to have a sustainable city, what it takes to transform existing ways of organizing and thinking about service provision and everyday life, but solutions to achieve a sustainable transformation were limited. In the search for solutions, transition initiatives offer new, just-tested, experimental or hybrid ways to achieve local sustainability. The regions listed will be the focus of our activities until December 2016 with the ambition to be part of a broader transition movement in Europe and beyond.