28 May 2014

Who runs this place? Unpacking local governance


Transition Talk #1, Brussels

Our cities and regions are changing fast. The governance game is changing as well. How can we bring together the energy, knowledge and resources of different actors to accelerate transition towards sustainability?

This question was at the heart of the first Transition Talk, where the participants discussed what transition to sustainability can mean and how different people and initiatives, whether bottom-up or top-down, can contribute to making it happen. The focus of this event was the region of Flanders.

The event was attended by over 40 participants representing public and private sector, as well as the research community.

Download the agenda for more information.

Read a brief overview of presentations and discussions that took place during the first Transition Talk, held in Brussels on 28 May 2014, here.

For more information and future Transition Talks contact Ania Rok at ania.rok@iclei.org.